Esfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising cooperative

The services provided by the cooperative to its esteemed members are as follows


Ethical Charter of the Organization

Managers and employees of the company, with the help of God Almighty, have obliged themselves to observe the following in the form of an ethical charter.

And they will always use it as their guide in line with the company’s great goals and customer service.

We believe that the current rules and regulations of the company guarantee cohesion and discipline within the organization.

And we consider ourselves committed and obliged to observe and fully implement it.
CEO and board members
Company organizational chart
Esfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising cooperative
Esfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising cooperative

Factory producing all kinds of concentrates and animal feed


Utilizing the experience of livestock industry experts and nutritionists, this factory has been honesty as a privileged principle in the quality of products since its establishment. And is done by observing the requirements and health instructions issued by the veterinary organization.


After sales service unit

It has been one of the dynamic and hard-working units of this company

In order to satisfy the esteemed members, it provides free technical advice to the esteemed members regarding the balance of the type of ration and the required feed and controlling the conditions of reviewing the ration

For any advice, please contact us

Organizational goals of the company

  • Raising the standard of living and increasing the production of livestock products of the members by observing the goals of agricultural development and animal husbandry
  • Establishment and development of agricultural and livestock units and health and educational facilities related to cooperative activities for the joint use of members
  • Performing services to improve the professional affairs of members according to the type and field of cooperative activities in order to promote
  • Technical and professional skills and familiarity with modern animal husbandry methods
  • Supply of livestock inputs and animal feed production
  • Development of profile registration centers and follow-up of issues related to breeding Provide nutritional and reproductive management advice
  • Establish communication and coordination with institutions related to animal husbandry and veterinary affairs
  • Provide executive proposals on various issues of the livestock industry

logoCertificates of appreciation

Certificates of appreciation of Ministry of Agriculture

The best agricultural & cattle raising organization in the country

Selected for the 16th International Exhibition – 2018

Selected for the 17th International Exhibition – 2019

Certificate of the best collection station and milk laboratory in the country

Certificate of the best milk laboratory in the country from the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture

First rank certificate of the country’s milk collection unit from the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture

Certificate of appreciation from the Pegah Golpayegan dairy company

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Agricultural & cattle raising cooperative
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37years of experience in the livestock industry



Livestock business


Adjust milk & meat market


Presenting the new technology of the livestock industry


exhibitions & festivals of dairy cows

Esfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising cooperative

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Agricultural & cattle raising cooperative

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