Abstract Acquisition of honors

CEO,Mr Ali Mokhtarian

Abstract Acquisition of honors of Isfahan Gavadaran Agricultural Cooperative Company

Abstract Acquisition of honors of Cooperative Company new

Mr. Ali Mokhtarian, CEO of Isfahan & vicinity  Agricultural  & cattle raising Cooperative Company, while congratulating and appreciating the board of directors and staff of the company, informs the esteemed members about the achievements of the cooperative company in 2021

Proper selection of the cooperative company as the board of directors of Isfahan Livestock Breeders Union for the second time in a row
Proper selection of the representative of the cooperative company as the board of directors of the Agricultural Products Support Fund of Isfahan province
Selecting a cooperative company as the top three cooperative companies for the production of subsidized animal feed and distribution to farmers

From its inception until now, the company, by examining the summary of the company’s honors, it can be understood that it has achieved remarkable successes and remarkable achievements, which shows the desire of this large and multifaceted organization to excel and be dynamic in doing different things and creating diverse values. has it.

After launching the processes and structure of research and development, research and development activities in the company reached the appropriate level of maturity to establish a technology management system.

Extensive planned efforts are being made to develop the concepts, processes and structure of the technology management system at all organizational levels within the cooperative.

The main purpose of these measures is to direct endogenous research in order to acquire key technologies in the body of the organization so that the cooperative company can pursue value creation and reduce the distance with competitors in the market with a technological competitive advantage.

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