Accelerate breast growth in heifers

Accelerate breast growth in heifers with proper nutrition Successful dairy experience


Accelerate breast growth in heifers

Field research shows that hedgehogs generally believe that heifers go through two stages of breast development: isometric and allometric growth

Although this belief still exists, it is better known when and how it grew. In isometric growth, the growth rate of an organ is the same as the growth rate of the body, while in allometric growth, the growth of an organ is faster than the body.
Many dairy farmers believe that heifers have two mutations during puberty and near calving. The researchers found that breast tissue in the early stages of heifers’ lifespan was potentially isometric growth.
In an intensive study, the calves of a farm were divided into two groups

The group was fed 0.450 kg of milk per day with 20% crude protein and 20% fat.
The group was fed 1.13 kg of milk per day with 28% protein and 25% fat.

The calves were kept in solitary confinement and received these diets for 8 weeks, and the other parameters were kept constant. At the end of the study, 3 calves from each group were slaughtered.

Calves that received more nutrients had 7.3 times more growth in their main breast tissue, secreted milk, and 5.9 times more fat pads, and it is certain that the results of the observation Will lead to more milk production.

Accelerate breast growth in heifers

Better breast growth with proper nutrition

Better nutrition of calves promotes better growth of calves ‘breasts through better growth of calves’ mammary glands and increases milk production in the first lactation.

Glandular growth occurs in response to hormones and growth factors. One of the most important hormones in this process is estrogen

The mammary glands will not grow without the effect of estrogen early in the calf’s life. When we start a better calf feeding program, we affect the amount of more than 1500 genes in the functional tissue of the mammary glands.

These genes are involved in nutrient uptake and synthesis, steroid hormone biosynthesis, immune function, and cell proliferation.

Perhaps by feeding calves better early in life, we can make a physiological change in them that tells calves to expend more energy on cell proliferation and the absorption and synthesis of nutrients in the mammary glands. This may pave the way for larger breast masses, better calf breast growth and the ability to produce more milk in the future.


When we give a dose of estrogen to calves, they will have better functional tissue mass growth, and as a result, we will see more and better growth of calves’ breasts than other calves

For proper nutrition of calves and achieving proper productivity, the use of calf starter concentrate of Isfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising Cooperative Company is recommended. Research has shown that investing in calves pays off.

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