Analysis of the reasons for the increase in mortality rates in heifers

Analysis of the reasons for the increase in mortality rates in heifers

According to the results of the present study, calf weight at birth is an important factor in calf survival even up to the age of delivery. Also, the frequency of mortality is significant in calves resulting from abnormal and difficult calving in most periods. Is older.

According to statistical data, the mortality rate of calves in the first month after birth in calves born in autumn is higher than in winter.

Diarrhea of ​​dairy calves is the most common cause of death and the use of oral electrolytes is one of the effective ways to prevent It is recommended to kill calves during diarrhea.
Make sure acetate or alkalis are listed on the label of the oral electrolyte solution you are using.
Adopting efficient management methods, observing hygienic standards and receiving adequate colostrum, especially in the cold seasons of the year, can be a part of guaranteeing the health of the calf.

Did you know that electrolyte products must meet the following 4 requirements

  1. Enough sodium to replenish body water.
  2. Provide glycine and acetate to help absorb sodium in the gut.
  3. Provide an alkalizing agent that corrects lower blood pH (acidosis) caused by calf diarrhea.
  4. Provide energy because most calves with diarrhea are in a negative energy balance.

Five important points about electrolyte serums that you probably do not know


 Some farm experts or even some veterinarians sometimes prescribe the use of oral electrolyte solutions containing psyllium (often referred to as electrolyte gel) because the stool becomes somewhat thick and looks It is reported that calf diarrhea has disappeared, but these products reduce the energy level of calves and their use is not recommended.

Oral electrolyte solutions containing acetate and propionate Current research has shown that oral electrolyte solutions containing bicarbonate cause significant alkalinization of the abomasum. In other words, it raises the pH of the abomasum above 5.5 for a long time.
This effect is not observed in oral electrolyte solutions containing acetate. Therefore, alkalinization of the abomasum and small intestine due to the use of electrolytes containing bicarbonate may increase bacterial growth and in fact worsen and prolong the calf diarrhea.

Disaster The use of baking soda (bicarbonate) in serum bicarbonate electrolyte increases the pH of the abomasum. Keeping the pH of the abdomen low is essential for killing bacteria, and anything that raises the pH can lead to more bacteria reaching the small intestine and more severe diarrhea in calves.

 Urgency to use intravascular solutions instead of oral solutions in calves during diarrhea Know that the blood pH of calves that can not stand or lift their heads is very low (acidosis) and it is better to receive intravascular solutions . At times, the effectiveness of oral solutions to save these calves is very slow.


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