Proper time to vaccinate light and heavy livestock

Dear ranchers, due to the appropriate time for vaccination of light and heavy livestock, you should refer to vaccination centers in the province & Provide the necessary vaccines and vaccinate their cattle

The CEO of the company asked the owners of industrial units and micro-farmers to vaccinate their livestock against snow fever by October 11 at the latest. Referring to the price of these vaccines, Mr. Mokhtarian said that the price of the vaccine is either foreign or domestically produced based on the approved rates, and farmers can go to the vaccination centers in the province and city to obtain the required vaccines.

Types of vaccines

 and program   vaccination

Light and heavy livestock

Appropriate time to vaccinate livestock

One of the unavoidable problems that cause all kinds of cattle diseases is the lack of hygiene in the livestock, which can lead to reduced fertility and milk production, so it is appropriate to practically reduce the incidence of disease in live animals by timely vaccination.

The types of livestock vaccines are as follows

  • Brucellosis vaccine
  • Bovine tuberculosis vaccine
  • IBR vaccine
  • BVD vaccine
  • Leptospirosis vaccine
  • Lumpy skin vaccine
  • Enterotoxemia vaccine
  • Calf diarrhea vaccine
  • Foot-and-Mouth Disease vaccine
  • Anthrax vaccine
  • Three-day fever vaccine
  • Blue tongue vaccine
  • Mastitis vaccine
  • Bovine tuberculosis vaccine

Appropriate time to vaccinate livestock


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