In the last days of the end of 2020, a meeting was held with the presence of the board of directors of Isfahan livestock Farmers Agricultural Dairymen Cooperative and CEO, Mr.Ali Mokhtarian & Head of Rural Cooperative Organization of Isfahan Province; Mr.Haj Abedi ,
During this meeting, the Mr.Mokhtarian;CEO of the company presented their report on the company’s performance in 2020.

In this report, the increase in the level of services to the esteemed members of the cooperative was explained in detail.

This includes the amount of inputs sold to members Which has increased from about 900 tons per month to 1500 tons per month
 also increase the amount of inputs sold to members, Increasing the production of animal feed from about 800 tons per month to 2000 tons per month And noted the level of milk absorbed at the cooperative milk station from 5 tons to 70 tons per day.
The CEO also said,Getting a new cooperative member from active cattle breeders in Isfahan city, In 2020 had an unprecedented increase
On the other hand, the provision of commercial services to ranchers, including quota loads, has also had a favorable trend.
Mr.Mokhtarian expressed his satisfaction with the balance sheet presented before the New Year.
balance sheet in 2020
balance sheet in 2020
مهندس حاج عابدی مدیر سازمان تعاون روستایی استان اصفهان
مهندس حاج عابدی مدیر سازمان تعاون روستایی استان اصفهان

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