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The commercial unit of this company in order to provide appropriate services for the benefit of members and farmers with the approach of the correct consumption pattern, including determining, adjusting, controlling and reducing the cost of livestock inputs with the participation and interaction of major importers and cooperation of cooperatives. Rural and livestock support of Isfahan province, has taken an effective step to meet the needs of farmers and help them.

Business unit activities

  • Supplier of all livestock inputs with good quality, delivery with minimum time and the most appropriate price possible
  • Distributor of government inputs
  • Buy milk from dear farmers and provide inputs
  • Consulting and purchasing equipment needed for livestock, including mixer feeders.
  • It also declares its readiness to conclude contracts with all importers and producers for the purchase and sale of livestock inputs.

Purpose of the business unit

  • Reduce costs and create efficient cooperatives based on the philosophy of a fruitful business
  • Providing all livestock inputs for esteemed members
  • Sale of ready-made animal feed products in order to increase the production efficiency of esteemed cattle breeders, produced in the animal feed production factory of this company
  • The commercial team of this company, in line with the technical consulting team, prepares the necessities needed by the member farmers and provides after-sales services.
  • Introducing new quality products in accordance with modern science is also considered by this unit.

Comprehensive goods and services management system(WMS)

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Comprehensive warehouse management system

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