livestock feed analysis table

Calf Starter Concentrate

Calf Starter Concentrate

Inputs and additives :

Barley-Corn-Soybean meal-Wheat bran-Starter supplement-B-complex vitamins-Probiotics

Calf Starter concentrate specifications:

Starter concentrate specifications:

Metabolic energy Mcal / Kg 2/8
Crude protein (percentage)


Humidity (percentage)


Raw fibers (percentage)


Ash (percentage)


کنستانتره استارتر
کنستانتره استارتر

In modern agriculture and animal husbandry, animal feeding and rationing are planned in such a way as to accelerate their growth.

On the other hand, because we are dealing with living organisms in this industry, maintaining their health is very important. Feed is one of the most important factors in animal health and increasing their efficiency.

Esfahan and vicinity Agricultural & Cattle raising Cooperative Company in 2006 with the aim of producing concentrate and ready-to-eat animal feed set up a feed feed factory and in line with its development plan, the second production line of ready-made animal feed in 2020 to productivity and production Receipt.

Utilizing the experience of experts in the livestock industry and nutritionists, this factory has been honesty as a privileged principle in the quality of products since its establishment. And is done by observing the requirements and health instructions issued by the veterinary organization.

Considering that the economic importance of the livestock industry in the province, solving the problems of this field is of special importance and requires the efforts of institutions and organs.


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