CEO and Board managers

CEO & Board manager of company


  • CEO:

    Mr. Ali Mokhtarian

  • Board managers:

    Chairman of the Board  : Mr. Alireza Asgari

    Vice Chairman of the Board: Mr. Seyed Pirooz Alavinia

    Secretary of the Board :Mr. Majid Zamani

    Member of the Board :Mr. Ahmad Chamgani

    Board Member :Mr. Hojjatullah Kakai

  • Inspectors

    First Inspector :Mr. Rasoul Ghazavi

    Reserve Inspector :Mr. Mohammad Javad Kasraei

The role of managers in the principles of management is usually divided into three parts
  •  Interpersonal roles
  • Information roles
  •  Decision plans
We believe that the CEO is an integrated role and therefore these three roles can not be separated. Managers are the main forces in the growth and development of the organization. Large organizations are complex because of the size, process, people, and nature of the business. However, organizations need to be a cohesive whole that includes the employee and his or her talents and guides them toward achieving the goals set in the business.
This is a very challenging endeavor and requires highly effective managers to complement people’s communication skills.
Company Vision
Technical skills
Knowledge and skills used to perform specific tasks. Accounting, taxation, manufacturing و require technical skills to perform tasks.
Human skills
The ability to visualize the organization as a whole and to imagine all tasks, to understand how they relate to each other. Predicting how change in each of its parts will affect the whole.
Creativity is the vast knowledge and ability of abstract ideas. For example, the CEO embodies the importance of better service to his customers. Which ultimately helps to attract a large number of customers and increases satisfaction.

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