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In the past, when livestock detergents and disinfectants were not invented, the rate of livestock losses was much higher.
But today, these detergents and disinfectants have greatly reduced the number of deaths and mortality among livestock
Animal cleaners and disinfectants have a very high cleaning property and can easily remove any contaminants on the surface.
They are also produced in different types and varieties that are different according to the type of livestock that the farmer raises. Livestock detergents and disinfectants can also create more economic savings for the farmer
: Different types of detergents and disinfectants


  • Tit guard (different types)
  • soda (flakes and liquid)
  • passive acid
  • formalin
  • wipes
  • oxidine
  •  persidine
  • nano tit guard
  • iodine tincture and
  • fly swatter
among the items and places that are in dire need of disinfection are as bellow


  • Livestock breeding halls
  • milking systems and milk storage tanks
  • supplies, tools and equipment
  • inlet ponds
  • animal feed (before processing)
  • drinking water
  • cow udder and venom
  • Livestock vehicles
  • water storage tanks and water pipes and
  • warehouses, and forage storage tanks are


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