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Livestock feed production factory of Esfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising cooperative

In 2006, the company set up a feed factory with the aim of producing ready-made livestock feed. In line with its development plan, the second line of production of feed in 2021 also reached productivity and production.
Utilizing the experience of experts in the livestock industry and nutritionists, this factory has been honesty as a privileged principle in the quality of products since its establishment. And is done by observing the requirements and health instructions issued by the veterinary organization.



  • Increase production
  • Provider of livestock needs
  • Reduce production costs
  • Reduction of musculoskeletal diseases
  • Liveliness of livestock
  • High conversion ratio
  • Eliminates hormonal and reproductive problems
  • Reduction of metabolic diseases
  • Increase economic life
livestock feed analysis table
livestock feed analysis table

Livestock feed production process


    • Raw material receiving system
At this stage, the raw materials are first sampled and delivered to the laboratory unit to be monitored and tested for health and hygiene.
Raw materials are unloaded and transferred to factory warehouses. Primary separation system, dust system, surface lift.


    • Mill system
At this stage, it has a pre-cleaning system, which is a magnetic separator that separates metal parts and objects. Then a two-way pneumatic separator, tanks, high level indicator and low level indicator. Controller for mill. Air chamber and dust separation system, fan, helical conveyor model TLSSF.


    • Partitioning and mixing system
In the parting and mixing section, there is a magnetic pre-cleaner and separator, rotary distributor, dust separation system, centrifuge fan, surface lift, rotary distributor part, tanks and markers. Large spiral feeder outlet, outlet Small spiral feeder, large grading system, large weighing input, multiple paddle mixer, manual addition section and mixing hopper


    • Packaging system
In the packaging system, it is a multi-axis mixer that has a special cooling silicone that is subjected to intense air flow, dried and cooled.
Air locking system, centrifugal fan, surface lifting fan and sieve, pneumatic separator. In the last step, the animal feed is packed and embroidered in a bag. After entering the number and date of production on them, they are loaded and sent to the destination of consumption centers.


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