Fertilizer management system

One of the most important goals in the management of industrial livestock manure is the optimal collection of waste with maximum efficiency in the shortest possible time. Using oleo dynamic power (high hydraulic), these scrapers are able to collect waste in the corridors of freestyle halls or even springs

Rail scrapers collect garbage with the help of a hydraulic pump and a number of cylinders with uniform movement in the corridors. This saves time and cleans the hall as best as possible.

Fertilizer management system provided by Esfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising cooperative with best quality in two types: (Scraper) &(Separator)

Benefits of Fertilizer management system

  • Save time
  • significantly reduce labor and tractor costs
  • the possibility of cleaning the halls at any time of the day or night
  • reduce toxic diseases due to more clean corridors
  • mechanization of livestock and consequently
  • reduce environmental pollution
  • complete placement of rails in the ground
  • and no Damage to the cow’s feet.
Fertilizer management system
Fertilizer management system

Flushing system for ease and speed in collecting waste from free steel halls. This system dilutes livestock waste and directs it through the valve to the fertilizer management system

This system, as a new and more suitable method than scrapers, can have maximum efficiency in collecting waste. Thanks to the water circulation system in livestock can be very effective in discussing economic benefits.

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