efficient wastewater treatment system

What is the importance of having an efficient wastewater treatment system in your farm

Is the wastewater treatment system in your farm efficient and in accordance with the standards required by the Environment Organization?

Sewage produced in farms usually contains livestock excrement as well as chemicals used in washing milking equipment. Therefore, this type of wastewater has a very high concentration of organic and biological materials, the treatment of which requires high technology as well as the proper design and implementation of the treatment plant. .

Determining the quantity and quality of wastewater produced in livestock

The amount of wastewater produced determines the volumes required for each treatment plant. In order to determine the quantity of wastewater produced in a livestock farm, it is necessary to pay attention to the place of water consumption in the parts of the site where water is converted into wastewater. As mentioned before, most of the wastewater produced in livestock comes from washing milk, calves and maternity wards. The next influential factor is the frequency of wastewater discharge to the network.

* In farms that use the washing system to collect fertilizer, the amount of wastewater production is higher than farms where fertilizer is collected dry.

The amount of pollutants in wastewater determines the type of treatment process according to the required standards. Due to the fact that most of the wastewater of livestock is obtained as a result of washing, so the pollution of wastewater is due to the entry of milk and blood into the washing water, which leads to the formation of BOD5 and TSS in the wastewater.
* In farms that use the washing method to carry fertilizer, the amount of organic load and suspended solids is much higher than in farms where manure is collected dry.

It should be noted that due to the common use of acids (often hydrochloric acid) and alkalis (often caustic soda) to wash the milking machine, the presence of these substances in the wastewater should be considered when designing the treatment process.

Refining process design

Experiences in the field of industrial wastewater in various industries indicate that livestock wastewater is classified as a strong wastewater in terms of organic matter. Process units for this category of wastewater are generally as follows
– Contaminant (manual and mechanical)
– Seed and fat catcher
– Balancer
– Initial settling
– Anaerobic treatment (depending on the characteristics of wastewater, anaerobic lagoon, UASB, UABR or other anaerobic systems can be used)
– Aerobic treatment (depending on the characteristics of wastewater, suspended growth systems (activated sludge) or sticky growth (MBBR, MBR) can be used)
– Secondary settling
– Clear lagoon
– Rock Filter
– Chlorination
– Wastewater storage tank
Depending on the quality and quantity of wastewater produced, a number of these units may be eliminated.

Relevant experts have collected all the required information about the quantity and quality of wastewater produced in this industry by conducting field studies, reviewing similar industries and comparing with the standards, and taking into account the standards required by the Environment Organization regarding wastewater discharge, Design an efficient treatment system.

سیستم تصفیه فاضلاب کارآمد در دامداری

Familiarity with wastewater output standard

This standard letter is based on Article 5 of the Regulation on Prevention of Water Pollution and according to Article 3 of the Regulation and with the cooperation of the Ministries of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, Energy, Industries, Heavy Industries, Mines and Metals and Agriculture by the Protection Organization The environment has been prepared and compiled


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