Hemoglobinuria and misconception about fodder sugar treatment

Hemoglobinuria and misconception about forage treatment, how much sugar, because in the pathology performed by the technical team of Isfahan Farmers Cooperative, most farmers think that eating this forage traps the symptoms of the disease, but what happens is that Symptoms worsen

Hemoglobinuria in cattle


Hemoglobinuria in cattle occurs with a decrease in phosphate in such a way that if the amount of phosphate in the cow’s diet decreases, and also the cow loses a lot of phosphate through breastfeeding, therefore phosphate in the organs and blood Cattle shrink, which causes hemoglobinuria


Cows with this disease lose their appetite after calving
The amount of milk decreases
The color of the milk turns red and yellow
A cow with this disease develops a constipation
Due to the interactions that occur in the cow’s blood after the disease, her heart rate and blood pressure become irregular.

If the disease worsens and is not treated, it is possible that the cow will also get jaundice, so it is very important and vital that the farmer informs the doctor when he sees any of these symptoms and informs the sick cow about the treatment process. Start speed

It is better to feed the female cow with great care and awareness during pregnancy and calving.
Because it is possible that some of the feed provided to the animal is deadly to him.


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