Improve the quality of milk in the laboratory

Improve milk quality

Cooperative items regarding the quality specifications of standard raw milk for delivery to dairies in accordance with the standards of the Veterinary Administration and improving the quality of milk
  • Milk has a natural color, smell and taste, as well as completely clean and free of foreign matter.
  • The milk should not be frozen, but its temperature should reach 4 degrees Celsius within 5 hours after milking.
  • Milk should be free of neutralizers, disinfectants, antibiotics and inhibitors of microbial growth and colostrum.
  • The specific gravity or density of milk at a temperature of 15 degrees is equal to 1/029 to 1/320.
  • The freezing point of milk in normal conditions is 0.540 to 0.530 degrees Celsius.
  • Raw milk acidity is maximum 16.
  • The minimum fat content of milk should be 3.2%.
  • Lean milk fat content should be at least 8.5% by weight.
  • Raw milk protein should be at least 3%.
  • Total Kant is raw milk of one million bacteria and somatic cell count is not more than 4000.
  • Milk reductase test time should be at least 2 hours.
  • Milk is stable against alcohol 68.
Introducing the ISIC code related to the milk receiving industry
Raw cow milk : 0121512329

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