Infinite intelligent agriculture engineering

Infinite intelligent agriculture engineering

Infinite Engineering Infinite Engineering (Part 1)

In line with the strict order of the esteemed CEO of the company, Mr. Mokhtarian, together with the Agricultural Intelligence Headquarters affiliated to the Agricultural Jihad Education and Extension Research Organization, the online media training unit of the cooperative, intends to describe smart agriculture in several scientific articles.
Definition of the term smart agriculture, infinite engineering
The term smart agriculture refers to the use of new methods and tools in the agricultural industry. By using them, the yield of farms is significantly increased. In the following, we will get acquainted with some of these new methods and tools.
In line with the guidelines of the company's CEO, the online media training unit intends to introduce this technology in a series of scientific articles.

Application of sensors in agriculture

Infinite intelligent agriculture engineering

Agricultural sensors are either installed in the ground or placed on devices such as agricultural machinery, drones and satellites.

Multispectral sensors

One of the most common sensors are multispectral sensors that can determine the growth status of plants according to the light spectrum reflected by plants.
As mentioned, these sensors are mounted on devices such as drones or satellites to detect the growth rate of individual plants.
The American company Planet Labs uses the collected satellite data to examine the fields regularly and at specific intervals.
Although satellites collect information on a regular basis; But it is the UAVs that can inspect farms more closely and provide more accurate information to farmers.

The role of sensors in harvesting

Intelligent farming machines use this collected data to perform processes such as harvesting, spraying and picking unwanted plants with extraordinary precision.

Smart tractor

For example, with the help of maps of plant growth rates in different parts of the earth, a smart tractor can only harvest ready-to-eat plants, and immature plants will not be harvested until ready.
Tractors equipped with dedicated sensors are even more accurate; With the help of these sensors, Dutch farmers examine crops such as potatoes one by one, and at each stage, they remove only those that are suitable for harvesting.
Farmers perform tasks such as harvesting from their office

Smart product harvesting

The Spanish company AGROBOT has developed an intelligent harvesting machine called the SW6010, which uses a camera to control strawberries and pick only those that are ready to use.
Such robots not only increase harvest accuracy; But they also do it faster. Dutch scientists are still working on machines that can pick larger crops more accurately.
The New Holland NHDrive tractor concept is also one of the most futuristic designs for smart tractors.
With the help of these tractors, farmers perform tasks such as harvesting or sowing seeds from their office with minimal effort.


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