Pest on dairy farms

Insects on dairy cattle farms

With the onset of summer, flies and insects invade livestock. They can cause severe damage to the herd.

Farmers are always looking for a way to kill flies on their farm. Flies and insects vary depending on the geographical area.

Insect damage
Some of them only cause physical harassment
They impair animal health, but others cause more serious damage.
Stinging, being bloodthirsty
Most important is the production of myasemia from serious injuries that can be caused by insects and flies.
Flies also transmit infectious diseases to humans and livestock; Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate them.

In the following, we will talk about a number of methods of killing insects in livestock.

One of the methods that can control the reproduction of flies in animal husbandry is hygiene. Proper and controlled disposal of wastewater in farms is one of the health measures in this field.

Livestock litter and feed should be kept as dry as possible.

At the time of a calf’s birth, its body is impregnated with secretions that attract flies; Washing this secretion is also useful for reducing flies.

It is also necessary to clean the animal bed daily to prevent the proliferation of flies and other insects. Hygiene is a natural way to repel flies.

Insect repellent hygiene protocols in livestock

Insect repellent hygiene protocols in livestock


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