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The cooperative company informs in its tender announcement in the form of a call for information

This is a competitive process in which the purchase of services or equipment with bids received by the bidder (tenderer) is obtained by the bidder.

After examining the quantity and quality of services or goods, the winner of the tender will be selected considering the lowest price.

Every year, a tender is announced to appoint a contractor for the transportation of feed, bran and milk on a specified and approved date, which is announced through the publication of an official advertisement in the newspaper.


Tenders and terms and conditions
Those who wish to participate in these tenders must submit the documents of the transport vehicle, which must have all the documents in the name of the driver participating in the tender.
  • Have a basic one certificate.
  • The bidder is required to deposit a specified and approved amount to participate in the tender.
  • Tenderers must declare their shipping tariffs based on different distances as well as multiple tonnages.
Finally, on the day of the end of the tender, all bids will be opened and read in the presence of the CEO, the Board of Directors, the inspectors and the trading committee of the company, and the best bid will be announced by the winning CEO.
Then the contract for transporting the tender is concluded. It is worth mentioning that the contract for transporting the feed and transporting the milk will be written separately.
Tender participation forms
If you wish, you can download the relevant forms from the following link


  • Form for offering the price of transporting government bran from the factory to the warehouse of the cooperative


  • Price offer form for loading and unloading milk from Roshan Dasht milk collection center to factories contracting


  • Price offer form for loading, loading and unloading of animal feed produced by the factory of the cooperative company from the place of fodder storage to the place of livestock farms
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