Lameness is one of the factors affecting estrus

Lameness is one of the factors affecting estrus

Lameness is one of the factors affecting estrus

Several factors affect the severity of estrus

These factors include

Several factors affect the severity of estrus. These factors include
Group size. The number of cows that are placed together in a spring should not be less than 20 cows.
Livestock equipment. Surfaces on which cattle walk and the like.
The number of cows that are estrus at a certain time (if at least 3 or 4 cows are estrus at a time, there is a maximum number of jumps)
The number of times the cow is observed by the estrus finder (at least twice a day)
Teach what should be observed

The most accurate estrous index; It is estrous stasis (the cow stands until the cows jump on it).

Most jumps are performed by cows on the third day of estrus.

These cows are either estrus or will be estrus in the next few days. A high percentage of jumping cows are estrus themselves (about 80%)

In line with the strict order of the esteemed management of the company, Mr. Mokhtarian, and together with the Livestock Production Improvement Organization affiliated to the Jihad Agricultural Organization of Isfahan Province, the online media training unit of the cooperative intends to explain the factors affecting dairy cow estrus in several scientific articles.

In this article, we want to investigate the effect of lameness on estrous uptake in dairy cows.

Lack of balance in the diet, infectious agents, toxin damage, copper deficiency and high selenium levels are the causes of lameness, on the other hand, when the pH of the rumen decreases and becomes acidic, the probability of lameness increases.

Diet modification and attention to hoof trimming are the most important ways of treatment. In the best case, hoof trimming should be done once every 4 to 3 months.

The effect of lameness on estrus in dairy cows

Lameness in dairy cows causes significant economic losses in the herd.
Most cases of lameness in cattle are due to finger structures with various injuries and injuries that, if not diagnosed and treated in time, can develop to the point of deeper tissue damage.

In cases of deep finger infections, antimicrobial treatments alone do not result in treatment due to necrosis of muscle tissue and therefore lead to livestock removal from the herd and premature slaughter.

Essential information

Cows suffering from locomotor injuries have low milk production and reproductive performance, and their economic and useful life is reduced.

In the latest research on the relationship between lameness and some reproductive indices and their effects on blood parameters at the time of lameness in an industrial farm, it can be concluded that lameness has a direct negative effect on many health items of dairy cows. These include the following:

Milk production
BCS index based on Wildman method
The amount of open days
Number of inseminations per pregnancy
Number of estrus observed per pregnancy,


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