Applying livestock license plates

Applying livestock license plates by experts,such as ear tag

Applying livestock license plates by experts

License plate application
Livestock license plate registration is required In 2018, the Central Headquarters for Combating Commodity and Currency Smuggling, in cooperation with the Agricultural Jihad Organization and the Veterinary Organization, developed a national plan for livestock identification, which was approved and announced by the government.
This has been an important and fundamental step in monitoring goods under the supervision of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture.


It is worth mentioning that for transporting livestock, buying and selling and identification of livestock and registration of license plates are required and the identity and livestock identification of this livestock is registered in the comprehensive system of livestock breeding in the country.


Applying license plate stamping by experts


Dear user, to request a license plate, please contact the company’s agents in the company’s after-sales service unit as soon as possible.


Agent name
 Phone number


Mr. Behrooz Mohammadi



Mr. Kasraei



Mr. Barani



Mr. Boroumand



Mr. Zaraei


Remarkable experts and identification agents
Industrial livestock units must receive their own epidemiological code from the veterinarian and do not use the village epidemiological codes embedded in the \”Search for epidemiological code\” link.
Some epidemiological codes that have been issued for industrial units can be seen and used in the search section of the epidemiological code in the name of the farmer. Note that the unique ID and herd code are provided by the system after completing all sections.
Note that industrial livestock herds must be registered according to the actual activity and license of the livestock unit, so receive the special epidemiology of the unit from the veterinarian


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