Lumpy skin virus lurking in farms

CEO warns of risk of Lumpy Skin Virus (LSD) disease in farms

Mr. Mokhtarian, referring to the economic losses caused by this disease and that there is no cure for the disease in livestock, said that Lumpy skin disease is a viral disease that is not contagious to humans and that vaccination and control of mosquitoes and flies are the most important factors. Disease prevention is considered in cattle and calves.

The disease is transmitted by insect bites, especially biting mosquitoes and bloodthirsty flies, direct contact of healthy animals with infected animals.


Insect repellent hygiene protocols in livestock

Observance of health and protection protocols for repelling insects in dairy cattle farms is very effective in preventing Lumpy skin . Please click to read more …

Ways to prevent Lumpy skin disease include

  1. Vaccination of livestock
  2. Avoid moving and moving livestock
  3. Spraying and controlling disease carriers,
  4. Isolation of infected livestock from healthy livestock In order to reduce the conditions for mosquito breeding, wet areas around the farms that cause mosquito breeding should be managed.

It is worth mentioning that the infection rate is 5 to 45% and the mortality rate is up to 10% and it is the highest incidence of the disease in summer, considering that insects and some mites play a major role in the transmission and spread of the disease. Livestock bodies and livestock status are a principle in controlling lampy skin disease.

Familiarity with the symptoms of Lumpy skin


Although there has been no case of Lumpy skin disease center in the city for the past two years, the strong recommendation regarding this disease is that it should always be noted that the Lumpy skin virus is lurking in the cattle ranch and hygienic principles should not be neglected. Lumpy skin disease is a highly contagious viral disease in cattle and calves.

Incidence of Lumpy skin in livestock with symptoms such as high fever, runny eyes, increased nasal and pharyngeal secretions, anorexia, decreased milk production, unwillingness of the animal to walk, the appearance of button-like skin nodules that gradually cover the whole body. Is accompanied.

The neck, back, genitals, breasts and legs are the most affected areas. Lesions also spread to the nose, into the nostrils, mouth, and throat. Affected animals have coughing and snoring due to respiratory problems

Familiarity with Lumpy skin vaccination


\”Viera Lumpy Vaccine\” Vaccine Compounds Live attenuated virus of Lumpy skin Disease LSD Neethling strain and lactalbumin and sucrose as a stabilizer. The Lumpy skin vaccine is available in 25 and 50 doses in eight-ml vials.

Lumpy skin virus lurking in farms

With the entry of Vira Company ، Shaya Vaccine into the field of livestock vaccine production and relying on young and domestic specialists, as well as using the facilities available in the country, this company has been able to produce LSD vaccine under the brand name \”Vira\” in accordance with the country’s needs in 2021. \”Lumpy Wax\” and make the country needless to import this vaccine

If you notice the disease while reporting the disease to the veterinary network of the city through the 1512 system, please immediately vaccinate the animals against LSD disease and spray the place where the animals are kept.

Lamp skin virus lurking in farms


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