Management of calf diarrhea syndrome

Management of calf diarrhea syndrome

In the management of dairy calf diarrhea syndrome, you must first identify the causes and factors of calf diarrhea and take action to eliminate it

Diarrhea in calves can be caused by improper nutritional management, bad weather or even infectious agents such as the entry of bacteria and viruses. The highest percentage of deaths due to calf disease is related to the young age and before weaning of calves, which for various reasons such as bad weather conditions, intestinal infection and especially not eating colostrum, diarrhea will afflict your animal.

What you need to keep in mind is that the highest percentage of live cattle diarrhea associated with calves and sheep diarrhea is actually at the beginning of their birth, which unfortunately causes the most damage and mortality, which is practically caused by feeding colostrum and colostrum in milk. Calves and lambs are immune to diarrhea and can defeat the disease well.

With the onset of summer, the disease also spreads to newborn calves, which can cause heat loss along with overheating

Unfortunately, in the latest research on coronavirus, the results indicate the abundance of this virus in the diarrhea samples of newborn calves. Therefore, it is necessary to be extremely careful and preventive in this regard.


Factors influencing  the diarrhea

of calves

Genetics of calves Some calves are more sensitive than other breeds, so they get diarrhea faster.
Feeding status of herds of pregnant cows in the last trimester should have a proper nutritional status.
Factors such as deficiency of vitamins A, E and micronutrients can cause diarrhea.
Influence of cattle age Newborn calves are more prone to diarrhea.
The effect of increasing the number of herds The more cows and calves there are, the more they are exposed to diarrhea.
Cold, humid, and windy weather conditions can cause diarrhea because by accumulating cows and calves and defecating and sleeping on the feces, it can contaminate the cow’s breasts and feed on these breasts can cause disease. It will be diarrhea.
Safety status of herd cows You must vaccinate herd cows at the right time.

Management of calf diarrhea syndrome

Types of diarrhea in calves 


infectious diarrhea in calves
Those that secrete large amounts of fluids and electrolytes from the gut, such as Escherichia coli K99.
Those that reduce the absorption of substances from the intestine such as Salmonella, rotavirus, coronavirus and other species of Escherichia coli.
Causes of non-infectious diarrhea in calves
Do not eat colostrum
Stress management that can occur due to transportation, high density, bad weather conditions and etc

If diarrhea occurs due to non-infection, there is no need for treatment, just take action to eliminate the causes of diarrhea.


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