Mastitis caused by yeast infection

Mastitis caused by yeast infection and its catastrophic antibiotic treatment disaster

As you know, the first step in treating any disease is to correctly diagnose the type of disease. If mastitis is observed in the disease, no diagnosis is made and without knowing the cause, it is treated with antibiotics. This is where the catastrophe occurs. Not only is the disease incurable, but you will see it spread widely in the herd.

It is important to know that not all yeast mastitis results from poor treatment. Yeast is present in all contaminated environments.

On the other hand, we are witnessing an excessive increase in the use of antibiotics and the resistance of infectious bacteria. Alternative treatment with antibiotics, which can be seriously said to be more effective than antibiotic treatment, is ….. (Read more)

Mastitis caused by yeast infection

Do you know that non-observance of hygienic principles in milking parlors easily causes the spread of infection and the spread of mastitis in the herd

It is recommended to always use gloves in milking parlors because the yeast sticks to your hands and contaminates the treatment equipment and nipples.

Before starting to breastfeed, make sure that the nipples are clean. Be sure to use approved immersion materials and observe the required length of time. According to the hygienic instructions, immerse the nipples in that immersion for 30 seconds. Make it.

Mastitis caused by yeast infection

Did you know that your treatment tubes can cause yeast contamination

Use new, disposable treatment tubes during intramammary treatments during lactation and the beginning of the dry period. Never overcook treatment tubes as they can easily become infected with yeast and infect many cows

Ignoring small details during intramammary treatments can be a big disaster

Nipples should be cleaned with an alcohol swab.
After cleaning, look at the cotton. If the cotton was black due to dust and dirt, clean the teat again with another alcohol swab.
Insert a portion of the syringe into the nipple duct (as appropriate). This prevents yeast spores from entering the breast.

It is recommended to massage the breast after the treatment and perform the post-immersion operation quickly.

Neglected points that have been observed in pathologies performed in farms with yeast infection include:

Poor management of cattle environment is one of the factors affecting the incidence of mastitis in the herd.
Ignorance of hygienic protocols and principles of milking and poor milking procedures, incorrect
Negligence and poor performance of post-immersion methods
Poor performance of milking equipment leads to peripheral yeast mastitis.


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