Meeting of the CEO with Director General of SFIDF

Meeting of the CEO with Director General of SFIDF


Meeting of the CEO with Director General of SFIDF Supportive Fund of Investment Development in Agriculture

In March 2020, during a meeting attended by Mr. Ali Mokhtarian, CEO of the Esfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising Cooperative company and CEO of the Supportive Fund of Investment Development in Agriculture  (SFID ) of Isfahan Province (Private Joint Stock Company), Mr. Baqer Fatemi, the necessary consultations were held to increase interactions and develop the company

With the compassionate efforts of Mr. Mokhtarian, the company succeeded in receiving low-interest facilities to cover working capital at the end of the year, from the fund

Mr. Mokhtarian also added that investment is one of the most important factors for economic growth and development of any country. Among the investments in various economic sectors, investment in the agricultural sector has a special importance and position.


Agricultural & cattle raising cooperative

In order to achieve investment in the agricultural sector, a proposal was made to establish funds to support investment development, and finally, after the necessary studies, the establishment of these funds based on Article 12 of the Law on the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture and to reduce the liquidity problem with a maximum participation of 49% The government’s share is done

Law on removing barriers to production

Article 15 Small Industries Investment Guarantee Fund, Electronic Industries Research and Development Support Fund, Marine Industries and Mining Investment Insurance and Agricultural Investment Development Support Fund, with the exception of (11) Article (12) of the Value Added Tax Law approved in 2008 / 2 / 17 and its subsequent amendments and the note of Article (145) of the Law on Direct Taxes and including Articles (39), ‌ (40), (41) and (76) of the General Accounting Law of the country approved on 1 / 6 / 66 and amendments Next they are excluded.

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