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CEO with Head of the Judiciary

Meeting of the CEO of the cooperative Co. with Head of the Judiciary- Dr. Ibrahim Raisi


the CEO of the company, In a meeting with the Head of the Judiciary,  Dr. Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, spoke. The topic of this meeting was the restoration of rights in the field of water and agriculture.

He stated the demands and suggestions raised in this meeting as follows

Implement the law of equitable distribution of water and implement the resolutions of the Supreme Water Council
Respect the property rights of farmers
Farmers’ grievances in the Administrative Court of Justice have been suspended, while judges have ruled in favor of farmers.
We request you, Your Excellency, to issue a special investigation order against this injustice in the usurpation of the water rights of the farmers of the province.
According to the mission of the government, we request that you pay sufficient attention to the implementation of laws related to water and water rights in the Zayandeh River basin.
Please prevent the tastes and inclinations of the Ministry of Energy and other ministries in implementing these laws

We ask you, Mr. Raisi, as you stood and fought in the fight against the aggressor and decisive corruption, please help in the fight against those who violated and usurped our water rights.

You can watch an excerpt from the meeting that was broadcast on the Islamic Republic of Iran TV. Please click on download to view.


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