Deputy Minister of Livestock Production Improvement

Deputy Minister of Livestock Production Improvement

Meeting of the CEO with the Deputy Minister of Livestock Production Improvement of Isfahan Province regarding the implementation of the Livestock Identity System project


A meeting was held in November 2020 with the presence of the CEO of Isfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising Cooperative Co, Mr. Ali Mokhtarian and the Chairman of the Rural Cooperative Organization and the Deputy of Livestock Production Improvement and the CEO of the Isfahan Livestock Association and the Secretary of the Market Regulation Headquarters and the Director General of Isfahan Isfahan was held at the provincial governor’s office.

&Because sometimes in the past, people introduced themselves as ranchers while they had no livestock and bought goods and sold them to real ranchers at exorbitant prices

Implement the plan

Therefore, in order to implement the plan, the measures that were conceived were that the farmer should be obliged to receive livestock identification in order to receive these services and register his livestock information in the livestock identification system, which was done by the license plate officers who contracted. Cooperative company and Jihad Agriculture Organization will be done and farmers will receive certificates and after receiving the unique code and receiving the market code and postal code and expert visit and providing GPS of livestock farms, they can receive the required inputs, which causes More inputs could reach real farmers.
The CEO of the cooperative company expressed the hope that with this move, the dairy cattle industry will be saved from the abyss of losses and many problems that they had


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