transparency of the company's development plan

Meeting of the CEO with the head of Isfahan Jihad Agricultural Organization

Meeting of the CEO with the head of Isfahan Jihad Agricultural Organization regarding the transparency of the company’s development plan

On April 2021, a meeting was held in the presence of Mr. Ali Mokhtarian, CEO of the Esfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising Cooperative Company, and Mr. Mehrdad Moradmand, Chairman of the Agricultural Jihad Organization of Isfahan Province, at the organization to clarify the company’s development plan.
In this meeting, consultations related to receiving land license plates in the eastern part of Isfahan, as well as receiving the facilities needed to move the feed production plant, warehouse location, as well as the construction of a high-capacity production line, were discussed.

Mr. Mokhtarian pointed out that in addition to increasing the company’s sales, the number of esteemed members has also increased to about 4150 members with 65,000 head of livestock covered and active.
Due to the traffic of the warehouse and the increase of the load, as well as the load produced in the feed production factory, as well as the loading, we have to make this move in order to provide the best service.

In addition to having enough space for storage and production.
Improving the location of plant facilities, equipment and machinery and making changes and replacements in equipment and facilities and establishing a system of prevention and maintenance and improvement in the process of operations and production flow will lead to the development and increase of productivity

 transparency of the company’s development plan


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