The importance of timely vaccination of dairy cows

The importance of timely vaccination of dairy cows

Meeting with Isfahan veterinary regarding the importance of timely vaccination

of dairy cows


Fourth,September 2021,A meeting was held in the presence of the CEO of the company and Mr. Seyed Akbar Hosseini, the head of the veterinary network of Isfahan city and Dr. Shirvani, the director of livestock affairs of Jihad Keshavarzi of Isfahan city in the veterinary place of Isfahan city.

The CEOs of some cooperatives in the province were also present at the meeting.

In this meeting, all issues and problems related to the widespread vaccination of livestock were discussed and the need for vaccination of livestock against common diseases among members of livestock, especially snow fever and malaria, tuberculosis and brucellosis were emphasized and solutions It was necessary to facilitate the process of doing the work and to cover all the esteemed members of the cooperatives.

CEO,Mr. Mokhtarian asked the owners of industrial units and micro-ranchers to vaccinate their cattle against snow fever by October 11 at the latest.

Referring to the price of these vaccines, he said: the price of the vaccine, whether it is foreign or domestically produced, will be based on approved rates, and farmers can go to the vaccination centers in the province and city to obtain the required vaccines …. (Read more)

The most important measure to prevent the spread of animal diseases is timely and regular vaccination.

The importance timely vaccination dairy cows


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