Meeting with the Arian Laban Nagesh Jahan Factory

Meeting with the Arian Laban Nagesh
Meeting with the Arian Laban Nagesh

Meeting with the Arian Laban Nagesh Jahan Factory


Arian Laban Naghsh Jahan Company, with the support of installation and commissioning of dozens of companies producing milk powder and whey powder and using the best specialized forces in this industry, started its activity in 2011 with the Montera brand.

On Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the CEO and the chairman of the company, Mr. Asgari, visited the Arian Lebanese Naghsh Jahan factory.

Explaining the meeting, Mr. Mokhtarian said that Mr. Salimi, the President of the Iranian Dry Milk Industries Association, and Mr. Ehtesham, the Commercial Manager of Arian Lebanon, were also present at the meeting.

In this meeting, issues related to the export of milk powder and dairy products and the elimination of the tariff for the export of milk powder, as well as the approved price of raw milk, were discussed and each of the attendees expressed their views in this regard.
Recently, Mr. Kazem Khavazi, former Minister of Jihad for Agriculture, announced in a letter that the Strategic Products Pricing Council has approved the price of 6,400 Tomans per kilogram of raw milk, and according to the council’s decision, the export of milk powder, butter, animal oil, dairy products and livestock is free.

Mr. Mokhtarian mentioned about how to buy raw milk:

The Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture is authorized to purchase raw milk, powdered milk, live cattle and red meat through the Central Organization for Rural Cooperation, Livestock Support Company, trade unions or non-governmental stewards.

He added: The pricing of strategic products, the price of 64000 Rials per kilogram of raw milk has been approved, and based on the approval of the Pricing Council and the adoption of support policies for basic agricultural products in the meeting dated 14 July 2021, according to the provisions of the law amending the law And stability, free milk powder, butter, animal fats, dairy products and livestock


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