Central Organization of Rural Cooperation of Iran

Central Organization of Rural Cooperation of Iran


The subject of the meeting

with Head of Central Organization Rural Cooperatives of Iran 

Internet media

Central Organization of Rural Cooperation of Iran

Central Organization of Rural Cooperation of

On May 27,2021, a meeting was held in the presence of the President of the Central Organization of Rural Cooperatives and the CEO of the company, Mr. Ali Mokhtarian and the Vice Chairman of the Board Mr. Seyed Pirooz Alavinia and the inspector of Mr. Ghazavi Company at the Central Organization Rural Cooperatives of Iran in Tehran.
In this meeting, appropriate solutions and management measures for technical training of esteemed members of Isfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising Cooperative Company were obtained from the Deputy Minister of Education Development of the Central Organization Rural Cooperatives of Iran

Due to the prevalence of Covid 19 pandemic in the country and also the special conditions of Isfahan province, it was decided to have workshops and face-to-face training classes, so that this important saddle can be achieved through the online training media of the company’s website.

Central Organization of Rural Cooperation of

And important topics such as livestock genetics and herd management should be informed through the site as well as social media such as Aparat app, Whats App, Instagram and etc

Corporate training online media unit

Explaining the conditions of the pandemic, Mr. Mokhtarian said that virtual or in-person and online education these days involuntarily and compulsorily covers more than 90% of the country’s education.
In the meantime, people’s unfamiliarity, or in other words, lack of media and virtual literacy, has caused the use of this tool to have problems for users.
However, many experts believe that Corona has created an opportunity for the government to take basic steps to develop e-learning infrastructure and address other issues in this area, but there are differing views on the benefits and problems of e-learning.
He also explained the advantages of the online education system and the use of online media on the company’s website, and said that one of the most important benefits of e-learning is its availability.

In such a way that you can travel, work, home, etc. in the desired workshop or seminar, and in fact, space restrictions are removed.

Other benefits of the Internet media system include the following:
Availability, cost savings, time savings, and increased speed are some of the opportunities in cyberspace.


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