Introducing the milk collection station

Raw milk collection centers are fixed places that have milk filtration and cooling facilities, collect milk produced by farmers and deliver it to dairy processing plants after cooling. The purpose of using milk collection centers is to cool before storage in tanks or send to dairy production units.

Improve milk quality
Improve milk quality

Cooler plate

Cooler plates installed in the company’s milk collection center are used to cool the milk, or in other words, to reduce the milk temperature quickly
The reason for the rapid decrease in valve temperature is due to the large cross-sectional area in the plate heat exchange between the valve and ice water in the heat exchangers.


Cooler plates have a large number of very thin stainless steel plates that during heat exchange from one surface to ice water and milk flows from the other surface and its heat is transferred to ice water during this process. Reducing the number of plates is adjustable. If the air conditioner plate is working properly, the valve temperature should reach 2 to 4 degrees Celsius
The milk collection station of the cooperative company started its activity in 1999 with a daily amount of 3 tons of milk absorption and now continues its activity with a daily amount of 70 tons.
Analysis of samples received from farmers is done by fully automatic devices and a summary of the tests performed includes the following:


Milk collection station targets

  • Creating a permanent and safe market for farmers so that they can be sure of selling their product.
  • Supply of milk required by dairies
  • Cutting off the intermediaries from the milk market, because the activities of these people cause severe fluctuations in the market and deprive the farmer of the possibility of production planning.
CIP :The company believes that after each delivery of milk to the factory, it is necessary to thoroughly wash and clean the milk containers, tankers and milk passageways. Complete CIP washing is very important.
Washing method or CIP
    • Rinse with cold water first (hot water causes milk to clot and coagulate in the milk transfer path.)
    • Washing with detergents and degreasers
    • Wash with water
    • Rinse with caustic soda solution at a temperature of 70 ° C
    • Rinse with hot water
    • Rinse with lukewarm water
    • Rinse once a week with nitric acid to remove minerals.
    • Each of the above steps must take a certain amount of time.
    • Detergents must be permitted according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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