Milk Laboratory

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As we know, today milk and dairy products provide an important part of protein, fat, lactose and other nutrients needed by the human body. Equipped laboratory located in the milk collection station of this cooperative company is able to decompose milk and its constituents (protein, fat, lactose, milk solids, microbial, density, amount of water and additives, etc. in the fastest time. .) To analyze.
Milk Laboratory
The effect of somatic cells on the quality of raw milk and dairy products

According to the latest research conducted by the University Jihad Scientific Database, mastitis is an inflammatory reaction that is associated with an increase in somatic cells as an indicator of the disease.
As a result of this disease, the dairy industry suffers a lot of economic losses. That is why in order to improve the quality of raw milk and the resulting products, prevention and control of mastitis at the livestock level is of particular importance.


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