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Esfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising cooperative company with more than 37 years of experience in the service of farmers and ranchers, is one of the biggest Supplier of all milking equipment and items needed by you, dear ranchers as bellow

  • Parallel milking machine
  • Herringbone milking machine
  • disinfection equipment
  • Types of milking machine detergents
  • Type of tit cow disinfectant
Boumatice Parallel
Boumatice Parallel

BouMatic Parallel milking machine


The cows take their places in the milking parlour, standing at the angle of 90 degrees to the milking pit.

The paramount aim of this solution is providing high performance due to quick process of the proper positioning of the cow for milking and a high capacity of the system.

The key element in the system is grouping of cows in the herd according to comparable milking time. Such a solution allows to speed up milking process and reduces cow stress concerning milking process.

The most important features and benefits of Side-by-Side system:

    •  Quick milking
    • Milking rate
    • High performance
    • Efficient service of big herds
    • Possibility of additional equipment with herd
    • management system
    • Forced movement of the barrier, bringing the cow closer to the edge of the milking pit

DeLaval hering bone milking machine


    • Customized to fit your cows, your future
    • Easy maintenanceImproved throughput
    • Quick installation
    • Better cow fit and positioning for access,
    • visibility and safety
    • Wide entrance lane
    • Wide open cow platform

The very functional design flow in the DeLaval herringbone HDHB creates a comfortable working environment for both operator and cows. It enables speedy cleaning with vital working parts safely concealed underneath cabinets – saving time, labor and costs. The wide entrance lane helps cows feel comfortable right from the start. We eliminated any structural parts not essential to help keep your cows in position. This has simplified the parlor, and with the brisket rails rising up for cows to exit, creates a wide-open platform for better cow flow. The open platform also makes the parlor much easier to clean


Milkline Cow milking parlor



Milkline’s herringbone milking parlours provide higher milking rates, maximise space efficiency and fit many existing layouts, making installation simple and economical. The angled rump rails and individual splash guards ensure faster animal positioning, smooth and regular animal traffic and comfortable milking for both operator and animal.

Thanks to the rear stall suspended design, the operator has wide access and complete visibility without obstacles over the udder, enabling easier work and early detection of any abnormalities. Milkline’s herringbone milking parlours are available in different configurations – 30°, 60° or 70° side milking – and with different options to best suit your needs.


Kurtsan Cow milking parlour


Why do you like Kurtsan Milking Parlour?
User of Kurtsan Milking Parlour always stay as happy. Maybe, the reason is that it makes your life easier. Maybe it is operating correctly. Maybe knowing that you will always find the required spare parts with best price. These are some of reasons to use Kurtsan Milking Parlour. Actually there are many reasons…

On one hand Kurtsan Milking Parlours, on the other hand the others.
Kurtsan has produced milking machines since 1985 and started to install milking parlours since 2001. Until 2013, we made successfully 370 milking parlours. The proof that we produce systems which can stand alone are milking parlours we installed over 15 different countries. Professional milking? We installed 75 different parlours which have automation system.


Everything for perfect milking

Kurtsan produce 95% of the products in factory

All of the products have the certificates of ISO9001EN , CE, TSE, TSEK


Solution that you are looking for

If you are looking for a perfect solution to milk your animals. We can design the suitable system for you. According to your budget, we can design the vacuum system, milking equipments, washing systems and cooling.

Give attention to your cow
Do not forget! Happy cows gives more milk. With the correct vacuum and equipments, they will always be comfortable. You will easily see the increase in milk production

Auxiliary equipment for milking machines included

  • Types of liners of fixed and mobile devices, foreign and domestic, including Turkish Kurtsan brands
    • Types of pneumatic and electric switches, including Turkish Kurtsan brands
    • Types of all-steel cans in volumes of 20, 30 and 40 liters
    • Types of Iranian aluminum cans in volumes of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 liters
    150 cc and 300 cc crabs, including expansion and process types
  • • Types of vacuum pumps with different capacities, process, expansion
    • Types of milk transfer pumps for fixed expansion and flow devices
    • Types of milk transfer hoses, fixed and mobile milking machine air
    • Types of process and expansion record glass
    • Types of steel rubber connections and fixed and mobile milking machines
    • Types of milk filters suitable for all fixed milking machines

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