Action to provide the basis for economic development in the livestock industry

Central Organization of Rural Cooperation of Iran
Esfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising cooperative

Action to provide the basis for economic development in the livestock industry In collaboration with the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture of Iran


A meeting was held in the presence of the CEO of the company, Mr. Mokhtarian, and the Deputy for Livestock Production Improvement, and the President of the Central Organization Rural Cooperatives of Iran and the President of the Livestock Breeders’ Union, at the Jihad Agricultural Organization of Isfahan Province.

The meeting was attended by managers of some cooperatives as well as some ranchers. Mr. Mokhtarian, while expressing satisfaction with the results, listed the issues raised in the meeting as follows: Consider importing live cattle and red meat.

Referring to the green fodder crisis, he continued that the necessary decisions to import alfalfa and green fodder from Central Asian and European countries with the reference currency were on the main agenda of the meeting.

Mr. Mokhtarian pointed out that in order to achieve his main goals for the plan to support the esteemed members of the cooperative, to provide the necessary inputs to dear farmers to prevent the increase in prices.

He said that he will do his best in this regard
Examining the share of fares and fare costs in the cost price of milk and meat and inputs and livestock products was another detailed item in this meeting that was discussed and explored

The CEO of Isfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising Cooperative, emphasizing the importance of agriculture and its role in a dynamic economy, continued the study of the historical trend of economic development of countries shows that most developed countries in the world today, agriculture as the underlying economic development And by using the great capacities of this sector, in addition to providing appropriate inputs for the growth of other sectors, they have also been able to achieve the development of other sectors.

He emphasized that he will make every effort to support the dear farmers of the province, and in this meeting, the issue of water and water flow in the Zayandehrud River for cultivation was discussed and the necessary follow-ups were done by the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture
The necessary solutions were provided and it was decided to convene another meeting next week to see to what extent the Deputy Minister of Livestock Production Improvement has succeeded in advancing the above issues with the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture and bringing them closer to the final goal.

The CEO of the company expressed hope that with the diligent pursuit of this company and the Jihad Agricultural Organization of Isfahan province, the problem of alfalfa smuggling and the departure of barley from the province to the divine power will be solved.

Export of powdered milk

Mr. Mokhtarian continued that the per capita consumption of milk should be reformed in the society. On the other hand, regarding the export of dry milk, necessary measures should be considered and the tariff for the export of dry milk should be eliminated. All the mentioned cases were raised by him in the meeting and evaluated and examined.


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