Redistribution of feed and subsidized inputs

Redistribution of feed and subsidized inputs for farmers

Meeting of Mr. Ali Mokhtarian, Managing Director of Cooperative Company and Managing Director of Isfahan Livestock Farmers Union Redistribution of feed and subsidized inputs for farmers

In the meeting regarding inputs, after consultations, Dr. Zargaran،Director of Isfahan Livestock Farmers Union ،promised in this meeting that soon by the end of this month, they will upload a new remittance as a quota-ready livestock feed, as well as inputs in the trading system for farmers

Mr. Mokhtarian added that the government has always tried to control the fluctuations in the price of livestock feed

Pursuant to Article 33 of the Law on Increasing Productivity and Article 20 of the Comprehensive Law on Animal Husbandry, the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture is obliged to provide an appropriate solution to solve the problem of farmers in the event of such problems.

Thank God, the necessary measures have been taken to solve the problems with the thought-out measures, and this cooperative company, as before, is supporting its members and will do its best in this regard.
Other issues discussed in this meeting include the cost of milk produced by dear farmers.
Mr. Mokhtarian expressed his hope that since the issue of dry milk exports has been seriously on the government’s agenda, we will soon see an increase in the base price of milk.
It is hoped that the existing problems that farmers face on a daily basis will be solved by the help of God and the continuous efforts of the hardworking managers of the system.


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