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after sales service unit of  Isfahan Livestock Farmers Agricultural Dairymen Cooperative One of the dynamic and hard-working units of this company, which in order to satisfy the members, provides free technical advice on balancing the type of ration and feed required and controlling the conditions of reviewing the ration to the members.

With the help of the review, this unit records customers’ opinions about the product and announces the results to the technical and production unit.

Among the programs of this unit, we can name the planning process for each customer, the purchase reminder and the time required for the consumer product. Which is an effective step in reducing the concerns of dear farmers.
We believe that every time a customer buys one of our products, our company officially starts their relationship with you, and like any relationship, this relationship should be nurtured and appreciated.
Our system targeting is not to dissatisfy the customer through the wrong sales process and lack of after-sales service, our goal is to make sure we never feel neglected by our customer satisfaction. We are in touch with you and ask for your opinion on how we provide our services, we always need your support. A CRM system connected to after-sales service can help a lot.
Our customer service team is fully managed to do the right thing, in which case customers know they are important to us and in return appreciate the use of our services and recommend to others.
Dear user, you can benefit from all the after-sales services of this company through the relevant portals as follows:


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