Supply of Alfalfa required for livestock


Supply of Alfalfa for livestock under the auspices of the cooperative

From Spain

Recently, dear ranchers have faced many problems in preparing the hay they need. Since alfalfa is a stable source of livestock nutrition, there has been a crisis with the recent rise in alfalfa prices. Fortunately, with the foresight of Mr. Mokhtarian in 2016, it is hoped that this problem will be solved by the power of God.

Supply of Alfalfa for livestock

Explaining the recent measures taken to supply alfalfa needed by livestock units under the auspices of the cooperative company, the CEO of the company stated
Based on statistical data and market analysis, critical conditions in the supply of alfalfa were predicted.
Fortunately, in 2016, during a visit to the largest alfalfa producer, the Spanish company Valencia, we signed a contract to import 15,000 tons of dehydrated hay, which was signed by the parties to the contract. The visit was attended by a delegation consisting of managers and the board of directors and some business personnel of the provincial herders’ union, as well as the union inspector.

Mr. Mokhtarian pointed out that today, May 4, 2021, while sending a letter to the Isfahan Livestock Breeders’ Union, we requested that the said contract be followed up and that imports be initiated.

Import of dehydrated alfalfa by cooperatives

He also expressed hope that if government currency is allocated, if the province’s cattle breeders’ union succeeds in receiving this currency, an important step can be taken to improve the situation and support the dear cattle breeders by importing alfalfa

تامین یونجه

He continued that alfalfa is one of the required items for animal nutrition in the group of wood fodder items and is one of the strategic items of dairy cattle breeding units.

Providing this product is one of the major challenges of dairy farms and plays an important role in determining the success and cost of livestock units

Explaining the preference for dehydrated alfalfa, he said that there are special factories for the production, processing and packaging of alfalfa in developed countries.

And reduce hot weather to 10%. Also, the advantage of drying alfalfa industrially (dehydrated alfalfa) in the factory compared to the traditional method is the absence of alfalfa leaves and flowers, which are considered high nutritional value parts of this plant; However, drying in the traditional way has a lot of waste and significant parts of leaves and buds are lost.

Dehydrated alfalfa production process

According to the CEO of the company, the high pressure in industrial packaging facilitates transportation to distant places by ship and reduces transportation costs by one third.

Also, the specific weight of imported dehydrated alfalfa packages is more than traditional domestic production packages. , So that the weight of the processed product in compact packages is 750 kg per cubic meter and the weight of alfalfa in traditional packages is 250 kg per cubic meter.
He stressed that dehydrated alfalfa is produced by some European countries such as Spain with new methods and in addition to the Far East, it is exported to the Persian Gulf countries, which are forced to extract water from the depths of the earth (sometimes more than one thousand meters).
In the end, Mr. Mokhtarian pointed out that more than six million tons of alfalfa is needed in the dairy sector, and said that with the increase in the price of alfalfa in 2020, ranchers needed fiber to feed their livestock from other sources and protein from sources such as meal. Provided; Therefore, in the year 2021, it is hoped that with the import of alfalfa needed by livestock, an important step was taken to achieve the goals of support and assistance to the development of the dairy cattle industry.


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