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Techno agricultural in Iran

Mr. Ali Mokhtarian, CEO of the company, referring to the increasing trend in the use of technology and new methods, says that the world of agricultural technology or techno-agriculture is changing rapidly with the welcome.
Combining technology with this category has made hard agricultural work automated and farmers gain more knowledge and insight about their products. Hence, technology is growing and developing in line with the needs of agriculture and the environment. He went on to briefly describe some of the greatest technological advances in agriculture

Sensor technology on the ground and on the farm

Mr. Mokhtarian, in explaining the sensor technology in the field and farm, say:
In developed countries today, iPhones and iPads are held in the hands of farmers, and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology uses accurate information such as weather, crop growth conditions, quality and soil moisture that was not previously available.


Arable is one of the tech startups that has developed a six-band spectrometer called PulsePod, which measures waves from all four sides.



تکنولوژی کشاورزی
تکنولوژی کشاورزی
Therefore, this tool in techno-agriculture can measure observations such as rainfall, hail, leaf area, water requirements, environmental stresses, point weather conditions and even air pollution. This device can always be connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, WiFi and network internet


The device is used for security purposes (military encryption), flexibility (user interface for converting data to output information) and sharing status control (how / when / data) while providing unprecedented visibility from all over the farmland.


Mr. Mokhtarian also expressed satisfaction that for the first time our farmers are able to manage the crop situation in relation to the weather conditions.


On the other hand, these processors are able to determine the yield of the future crop, so that farmers can get a better view of their market. In addition, issues such as drought, food crisis, rural water use will be predicted


domestic agriculture

Mr. Mokhtarian, in explaining domestic agricultural technology, says


Another company, Leaf, has developed a way to develop home farming and set up a system in which medicinal plants and vegetables grow automatically and their growth is controlled via a smartphone. The system includes pumps, light bulbs and carbon air filters and provides nutrients for plant growth.


The existing system also acts as a host for environmental sensors and sends the required information to your smartphone using an HD camera. However, in terms of electricity consumption, this system is not very cost-effective and we can hope for its useful implementation in solar energy applications.



تکنولوژی کشاورزی
تکنولوژی کشاورزی
Another innovative method in urban agriculture was invented by Freight Farms. The company uses special containers to transport products on a truck and provides all the facilities needed for product growth.


In addition, it is hoped that by using the Internet of Things, their growth will be more closely monitored. Designed by LogMeIn, the Xively Exxon Platform gives farmers the ability to remotely control their crops and assess plant growth characteristics such as temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels.


There are also alarms that sound when the situation is not ideal. In addition, the information collected helps Freight Farms improve its services and provide a better perspective for its customers to use the products.


Of course, container gardening in urban space is not new; However, due to the fact that water is used optimally in these containers, it will be a useful method in areas where there is drought.


Farmer robots

Mr. Mokhtarian adds in explaining the technology of farming robots


The agricultural census shows that over the past 30 years, the average age of farmers has risen from 50.5 to 58.3. This statistic is a concern for the future of agriculture; Because it shows that fewer people are inclined to this profession. It is therefore quite expected that in the next two decades, robots will become the workforce of the agricultural industry; Especially when they are smarter and cheaper.


Fix the cost problem

Mr. Mokhtarian adds in explaining the problem of running costs


While the Internet of Things has a strong presence in agriculture, studies show that the cost of using these services will be reduced by accepting them in this area.


If this trend is consolidated worldwide, agricultural yields will increase and irrigation and fertilizer costs will be saved. Thus, modern technologies can function effectively and provide solutions to the challenges of modern agriculture.



تکنولوژی کشاورزی
تکنولوژی کشاورزی

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