The need for livestock insurance

The need for livestock insurance

The CEO of the company, dated 1st August 2021, during a meeting with the insurance representative of Keshavarzi Bank at the Jihad Keshavarzi Organization in Isfahan, talked about the need for livestock insurance and the challenges ahead.

In this meeting, the deputy and director of livestock affairs of Jihad Agricultural Organization of the city and some CEOs of cooperatives of Isfahan city were also present.

Explaining the meeting, Mr. Mokhtarian said: “According to the May 2017 circular, livestock insurance is mandatory and in the future, having any services and renewing the license and quota goods is subject to having livestock insurance.”

In the compulsory livestock insurance plan, all types of light and heavy livestock in the form of traditional, industrial and semi-industrial livestock should be covered by insurance.

Mr. Mokhtarian noted: Insured and farmers can be informed of the latest status of their insurance premiums by sending an SMS to 300037 and sending the national code.

Referring to the damages caused by diseases and natural disasters to the province’s cattle breeders every year, the CEO of the company said: “According to this comprehensive plan, all cattle will be insured against 6 common human and animal diseases, infectious diseases, as well as emerging and re-emerging animal diseases.”

He added that in addition to the value of livestock and the costs of running a ranch, a small premium is provided for the beneficiaries of this plan, in addition to diseases, livestock against natural and unexpected events such as floods, frost, frost, floods, earthquakes , Lightning and storms are covered by insurance.

livestock insurance

How to pay compensation to farmers


The official in charge of the insurance representative of Keshavarzi Bank stated about how to pay damages to the farmers: After the farmer suffers the damage, he should contact one of the branches of Keshavarzi Bank or the offices of insurance services. Within less than 24 hours, an expert and damage assessor will be dispatched to the farm, inspect the farm, and immediately prepare a report if no special documentation is required, and compensation will be paid to the farmer in less than a month.

“Sometimes we need documents to pay compensation,” he said. We need a slaughterhouse certificate.

He continued: If the farmer submits these documents on time, the damage will be transferred to the farmer’s account within one month from the date of completion of the documents.

Mr. Mokhtarian, stating that livestock insurance is provided simultaneously throughout the country through the Agricultural Insurance Fund, noted: According to livestock instructions, if a 15-digit license plate is identified, it belongs to livestock and if smuggling is not carried out.

He added: “One of the important goals of the Agricultural Insurance Fund is to reduce the risk factor and increase the satisfaction of insurers.”

“The insurance of agricultural products is not private, and in fact we are a subsidiary of the Agricultural Bank,” said the head of the Agricultural Insurance Agency. The Board of Trustees of the Agricultural Insurance Fund is the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad and the Management and Planning Organization.

The executive work of the decisions of this board of trustees is carried out by Keshavarzi Bank with the help of its representative offices in the country.

For 2 years, along with basic insurance, the livestock registration system has been activated in the region, and therefore the Agricultural Insurance Fund also performs identification, so in other words, many other costs for registration are free.
He added: “At the same time, the subsidy that the government has provided for the payment of damages is only for the cases that are included in the insurance policy and we can not do anything beyond the law.”

Of course, it should be noted that some ranchers do not insure their livestock only to receive compensation, but in principle, to insure to receive subsidized feed, because according to the law, livestock feed subsidy belongs only to insured livestock.


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