The role of veterinary in exports and economic prosperity of countries

The role of veterinary medicine in exports and economic prosperity of countries


The role of veterinary in exports and economic prosperity of countries


According to WTO rules, the export of goods such as raw animal products such as hides, salami, eggs, honey, red meat, chicken, fish, etc. can be exported only with the veterinary quarantine certificate of the country of origin, which shows the importance And this organization has a key role in exports and economic prosperity of countries

Economic growth of the activities of the Livestock Agriculture Group


Plant products


Red meat production growth


Vaccination services


Coverage of insurance support services

Since one of the slogans of the World Health Organization has been the health and safety of food from the farm to the plate, the compilation of the veterinary food security document of Isfahan province has been one of the significant measures that has been prepared and presented with great effort and effort.

We hope that the role of veterinary medicine in promoting public health and public health will be explained more and more among the dear people and decision-makers of our country, and with the awareness of this important and effective role, we will see the improvement of health indicators in the country and Isfahan province.

The role of veterinary medicine in food health and safety from farm to fork


The role of veterinary medicine in the health and safety of food from the farm to the plate as a strategic and key role is very important and undeniable.
In fact, due to the wide range of duties and responsibilities, veterinary medicine is one of the basic pillars of food security.

In general, the role of veterinary medicine can be described in three main areas

 economic dimension – health dimension – research dimension.

economic dimension

Due to the serious responsibility of veterinary medicine in maintaining the health of livestock capital, this dimension of duties is considered as the most prominent face of veterinary work in the field of sustainable development of food security. Since according to the legal definition of the general term livestock refers to a variety of domestic animals, poultry, aquatic animals, bees, silkworms, laboratory animals and zoo animals, the scope of activities is significantly revealed.


In fact, the purpose of establishing a veterinary organization is the serious mission of this organization to ensure the health of the country’s livestock and related products and to prevent and combat animal diseases by preventing the occurrence, spread and occurrence of diseases or unwanted losses in livestock. And animals are meant in different biological environments.
In this regard, veterinary medicine fulfills its serious responsibility by providing and developing the best, most scientific and practical field of prevention methods, including vaccination and care measures, treatment, control or eradication of animal and animal diseases.

 Health dimension

Obviously, due to animal health measures to maintain livestock capital, the effective role of veterinary medicine in the next step in the health of human society and ensuring the health and quality of raw animal products becomes more apparent.
In fact, the basis of health and well-being of human societies, to a large extent, both potentially and actually depends on animal health and its products.


In this dimension of its responsibility, in addition to reducing and eliminating the ways of spreading the disease in livestock and animals, veterinary medicine has a very important mission in preventing and stopping the cycle of transmission of diseases and infections from livestock and raw animal products to human populations. Sends.
Extensive activity of veterinarians and veterinary science graduates in health monitoring of slaughterhouses, meat and food packaging factories, cold storages, animal feed factories and milk collection centers, etc. testify to the performance of this important task. Be.

 Research dimension

Veterinary medicine in its scientific context and quantitative and qualitative development, has been considered as one of the most important academic disciplines since the beginning of the university.

Therefore, today, scientists, scholars and a large number of different veterinary science graduates, in addition to specialized activities in the field of veterinary medicine, in many cases along with other researchers in related fields, in research and academic centers and in science and technology. The various companies have significant cooperation.

They are active in the development of basic sciences and biology, physiology, biochemistry, bacteriology, virology, parasitology, pathology, laboratory sciences, medical and pharmaceutical research, vaccine and serum production, and various other fields, which themselves compile books and criteria. And the new guidelines for food security are significant.


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