livestock ear tag

livestock ear tag

Troubleshooting meeting of livestock ear tag installers In the livestock identification system

28th July 2021 ,A meeting was held at the company with the presence of the CEO and the Koban license plate of the cooperative company. The chairman of the board and the company’s inspector were among the others present at the meeting.

Mr. Mokhtarian, while emphasizing the need for livestock identification, stated that it is necessary for the province’s ranchers to identify their livestock in order to maintain the balance and facilitate the purchase of the inputs they need.

In this meeting, the issues and challenges facing license plates were reviewed.

He said that the purchase of raw inputs and animal feed is now registered in the \”Rahtab\” system with the national code of livestock, adding that according to the law of comprehensive animal husbandry system, livestock identification with the aim of creating an integrated database of livestock and livestock, livestock production, Controlled movement of livestock, improvement of breeding systems, breeding of animal health, allocation of livestock products and fight against livestock trafficking

In explaining this meeting, the CEO of the company explained the issues as follows.

Doing livestock identification in the system is a big challenge in itself. Sometimes the system itself is a problem and sometimes the respected rancher who is searched by the system is unfortunately not identified.

Sometimes the registry office system is down and unable to retrieve information. Sometimes it is not possible to move the license plates from a seller to a buyer. For example, some dear ranchers have bought livestock with ear plates from Faka company, but they are not able to register these plates in their name.

Mr. Mokhtarian also added that in general, the impossibility of removing and adding livestock in the system is a major problem and challenge, even editing is not possible in the system, for example, in case of user error, it is not possible to correct the mistake.

He also noted that there have always been internet problems and updates. Sometimes even reputable license plates themselves are not able to enter the system despite having a username and password.

Mokhtarian stated that with comprehensive planning and measures in terms of providing license plates, training experts and license plate officers and using all capacities, including non-governmental agricultural service centers, significant measures have been taken in this short period, adding that In the future, we will achieve an integrated database, in order to improve the statistics and information system.



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