Esfahan & vicinity Agricultural & cattle raising cooperative Co.provide best Types of mixer feeders such as Turkish  Çelikel

Çelikel feeder mixers are designed to work with a variety of feed and mix without the need for initial crushing. Extremely easy-to-use double-helix mixer feeder mixes pressed fodder packages and other components into a quality, homogeneous feed
A homogeneous mixture is necessary for the nutritional and physiological needs of your livestock. Spiral blades are designed to be able to finely chop fibrous foods such as alfalfa and stems and mix them into the feed. The double helix system is designed so that the feeder tank can be used at full capacity. For optimal feed utilization, a fast and quality feed distribution system is provided.

Çelikel that started to produce machines oriented to livestock farming sector by noticing requirement of businesses that makes animal production years ago has developed Brassus feed mixer systems within this scope by noticing that ration preparing provided a great simplicity to producers.

The processes that Çelikel machines go through during manufacturing are as follows


Çelikel machines, which are renowned for their long-lasting structures, obtain their traits by going through such processes as correct material choice, hardening, and tempering.


Çelikel machines, whose colors include the yellow of sunrise and the power of black, are painted using processes that consider cohesion and abrasion.


The Çelikel team, which takes great care in every stage of manufacturing, is committed to its promise of saving users from predictable problems by engaging in thorough quality control

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